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because some days I wake up and forget I'm awake

and other days i dream and forget i'm dreaming

5 October 1987
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機密 【キミツ】
Kimi[tsu]. Kii. Jello. Cowell. Ketsune. Whatever you want to call me.

23 years old. Born and living in NYC. Attending CUNY Queens College and leeching off helping the parents around the house. Likes to ramble, rant, fangirl, and (mock-)analyze. Annoyed more often than not by siblings. Tends to settle for mediocrity but only of the best sort. Has a boring lack of a life.

Enjoys Japanese music, anime/manga, dramas, and videogames - but out of political correctness, isn't entirely sure she can be called a Japanophile. Easily obsesses over artists and actors. Currently obsessing over Kaname Jun, Blake Crawford, and a none-too-healthy dose of V6. (Previously used to include "Arashi" as a mock surname to her mock alias, long before she fell into the Arashi fandom, but considering the possible misassumptions that may spring was a tiring tiring idea and so removed it. And now you know.) Prefers reading fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and true crime novels with a splash of NYC-based chick lit. Likes to sing, dance, and record. Would like to learn to cook. Can barely do so. Adores eating and snacking regardless. Occasionally dabbles with Photoshop.

Former frequenter/now lurker of what was once the AnimeLyrics.tv (née .com) Forums, now to be found at animelyricsanon. 6th Gen member of Kristallen and head of BOYSTYLE!Project at Sekai no Melody. Part of Generation 3 at Aria Entertainment. Working on an official nickname/title at Asian Karaoke. Gambler not-so-anonymous at Gaia Online. Fangirls/Analyzes/Reviews/Bullshits at 無礼講⇒ナイト [bureikouNIGHT]. (Formerly みんな☆ [minnaSTAR]) Tweets like a canary (except not really) on Twitter. Pings like a pinball (except not really) on Plurk. Can be bothered at formspring.me. Maintains attackallaround and sweetslikecandy. Head (Dead) Vacuum-cleaning Sergeant at omg_look_music. Maintainer and creator of jpop crack at fangirlcrack. Member of the (now defunct?) 5x5 TCG (for Arashi).

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